Why you should purchase a Wig Bag? Wigs are a big investment. And while we know that all wigs lose their natural luster and shine over time, there are some things you can do to make your wig last even longer, including learning how to properly store your wig. Clean it 🧼 Putting away a wig before cleaning it is like putting dirty dishes back in the cabinet: your dishes will get even dirtier in the cabinet than they were when you placed them there.Avoid Sunlight🚫🌞Wigs are designed to hold up to a lot, but there are certain things you should avoid doing with your wig. Sunlight and heat will dull the color of your wig and break down the hair fibers. If you store your wig in direct sunlight, not only will it have a faded look but it will also be weaker.

KOC Wig Bag